We use currently the following abbreviations and symbols:

    [?] = supposition; not certain [for example, on the last word spelling or on a date for a g.e., etc.]

[!] = attention

[??] = when & where

H = No. of the House in which they where living at the time when a g.e. occur

ge or g.e. = Genealogical Event [as B, C, M, D, etc.]

ie or i.e. = abbreviation for the Latin id est, meaning "that is" or "in other words"

C = Christening

B, * = Born

M, oo = Marriage

D, = Death

+ or [before the person's name] = Death at that moment [when a g.e.occur]

y = Years; his [her] age

~ = Approximately [a variation of 2y around the mentioned date is common & accepted]

& = And

so = Son Of

do = Daughter Of

two = Twins Of

ido = Illegitimate Daughter Of

iso = Illegitimate Son Of

PNCC = Patrinom Nomen, Cognomen, Conditio [Latin] = Godparents Name, Given Name, Social Status

K or KAKA / KAA = KeresztAtya es KeresztAnya [Hungarian] = Godfather & Godmother / Godparents

L = Levantes [Latin] = Godparents

Ll = Latin Language [word in Latin language]

P = Patrini; Patrinis Levantibus; Infantis Patrini[Latin] = Godparents

TNCC = Testium Nomen, Cognomen, Conditio [Latin] = Witness Name, Given Name, Social Status [at M]

T = Testes; Testes Fuere; Prasentibus [Latin] = Witnesses at a ge [usually at M ]

ex.- or of = Originally From

li = Living I n

ux. = Uxor [Latin] = wife

wo = Wife Of

ho = Husband Of

vid. = abbreviation for: -vidua [Latin] = Widow = w
vid. = abbreviation for: -viduus [Latin] = Widower = wer

?? = not found in a period of time; the period is given between [-]

!? = several people with the same name are to be found in a period of time; the period is given between [-]; their number is given after the sign.

with red [usually with small characters] = Latin & German Termination [usually of a name]

MC = My C omment

NN = abbreviation on the Latin "Nomen Nescio" = Name Unknown [usually the family name]; the literal translation is "I don't know (his) name".

R = [or KB] church book/register for B / M / D

RC = of Roman Catholic belief

X FB = Familienbuch for the X village / parish

We use the European Timing: date / month / year

Abbreviations used in CHARTS

[?] :supposition

[??] :when & where

B. or * :born

GP :godparents

M. or oo :married

T :witness

D. or +, :died

< :before

> :after

S :siblings

O :observations