Like most genealogy research companies, we require a minimum retainer in advance [usually US$ 100-150 or, in more complicated projects, up to US$ 250-300] to start a research project.
All fees and conditions are occasionally reviewed and subject to revision.

             FLAT FEE RATE
             HOURLY RATES

We charge a per hour fee of US$ 9 for research in Romania and only US$ 30 for research in Germany & USA. In this fee are included all the additional costs [but if you would like to receive photocopies and other materials [i.e. photo's, etc.], these will be paid separately according to the list of standard prices about costs of genealogical related materials and services]. 


Consulting & Priority Service Tips for helping our client get through an informational “brick wall” 15 US$ per hour
Research** in Romania In archives, writing reports, drawing family tree, office work 9 US$ per hour
Research in Germany & USA - at Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen in Stuttgart
- in FHL of the LDS archives
- in USA National Archives & other american archivesk
30 US$ per hour [plus expenses*]
Internet Search

For a specific name in databases, newsgroups, WEB Sites, SSDI Search,    providing specific information from the Net, miscellaneous

10 US$ per hour
WEB Site Construction Unique Web Design & Creation – Html or Macromedia technology, etc. 300-1200 US$
Telephone books searches Search in the romanian phone books for living relatives 10 US$ per hour

Please add OTHER FEES to these ones –see STANDARD RELATED PRICES – if you would like to receive photocopies and other materials.
* All EXPENSES will be justified in additional reports.
** Research requests are executed in the order they arrive and according to the conditions of particular archives usually within 1-5 months.

We developed several genealogical research packages as an alternative for our FLAT FEE RATE & HOURLY RATES:
        - Quick Research [realization time: 72 hours] US$ 50
        - The Starter [realization time: around 12 days] US$ 99
        - Standard Research [realization time: around 24 days] US$ 199
        - Super Plus Research Project [realization time: 4-6 weeks] US$ 349 + expenses*
        - In-Depth Professional Research [realization time: around 5-9 weeks] US$ 599 + expenses*
        - Special Research Project [realization time: up to 6 months] US$ 899 + expenses*

In Romania, the standard prices about costs of genealogical related materials and services are as follows:

E-mail The most usual way to “keep in touch” with our client FREE
Photocopies* Copies made from documents at archives [mainly church books] 2 or 3 US$ / each
Domestic Mail   0.5 US$ / mail
Air Mail Abroad; depending on the weight 4-12 US$ / mail
Calling, faxing All expenses will be justified in additional reports; we will not enlarge the costs of the romanian national telephone companies. Full price list is here.
Materials Films for photos, cassettes for audio or video recordings are approximately at the same price as in other countries.
Photo-finishing Developing negative colour films 5 US$ per roll
Colour photographs   2 US$ per copy
Aerial Photographs & Video recording Cost will be agreed on in advance
Translations Translations in English, German, French [longer than one A4 page text] 5 US$ per A4 page
Decipher of old manuscripts From Latin, German [Gothic Style], Hungarian, Serbian, Romanian, etc. 10 US$ per hour
Interpreting, Guiding Live translations 10 US$ per hour
Scanning Photograph and Document 1 US$ per copy
Video Recording In the required system [i.e. NTSC-American system] 10 US$ per minute
Traveling Time Because the traveling time is not “directly” productive, it has a substantial reduced fee 3 US$ per hour
Mileage Most of our researches need travel to villages or other towns for look-up in the local archives, graveyards, etc. 0,5 US$ per km
[1 km = 0,6 mile]
Hotel accommodations [when needed] 30-75 US$ per night for a person
Other expenses [paper, parking, local phone/postage] 1-6 US$
* when possible and allowed. The price depends on the number requested.
PLEASE NOTE: All these expenses will be justified in additional reports.

Please specify us exactly what copies you need from records regarding the genealogical events we discovered during the research project conducted in your case. The copy's price are always paid separately. Usually, these copies are very clear an easy to understand. The copies will be authenticating by the National Archives. The copies on the findings will be send to you by snail mail or, if you want, as JPEG-JFIF Compliant Format as attachment to an e-mail.

We can not guarantee -but, until now, we were always successful!- that we will be able to obtain these copies because our official request must be approve by the some clerks from the National Archives.
Sometimes, no copies are allowed and this fact has two main explanations: 
    -their poor technical equipment which is always broken and
    -the fact that, sometimes, some of the registers are to suffer during the process [~20% of the church records are in this situation].
If we can not obtain the requested copies in the first place, there are basically tow options:
    -to wait until something is changing [and usually this will happen after a while] or
    -to try to obtain the copies [~15$/each] trough the Bucuresti National Archives.
This last process is so complicated and insecure that we would not suggest such an approach. There are several people on Banat-List are waiting [with their money forwarded!] for more than 6 month for their copies. And they are not sure that they will receive them! Our advice is to wait a little longer to see what happens. But if you decide that you want to take your chances and ask the copies from/trough Bucuresti Archives please let us know and we will give you some guidance in order to have a successful approach.

    If you have any questions regarding our services and fees, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US for elucidation.