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In order to identify a location in "old" Hungary [pre-WW I] you have some options. First of all you must know that exists some Gazetteer's you could use even in USA. Just go to FHL Library Catalog's web site and choose: Hungary/Gazetteers [and these books will give you excellent info on where the village was located, the no of houses, no of inhabitants, the ethnic composition, etc.] and a lot of interesting resources will be available for you.
We would recommend the following [not necessarily in this order !] :

A] Martha Remer Connor extracted a "Book of Cities" [vol. 13] from/for the 1828 Hungarian Land Census. You can find this at FHL [VAULT INTL Film 1573245 Item 21] or buy it from her [15$/vol.].

B] Also at FHL you will find the Gazetteer of Hungary, edition 1877 [known as the "Dvorzsak Gazetteer" because the main author was Dvorzsak Janos]; Magyarorszag helysegnevtara ket kotetben/Gazetteer of Hungary in 2 volumes for 1877 by Dvorzsak Janos.
1. kotet/volume/index [the 3 numbers after a place name in the index represent the county, the district and the locality in vol. 2]: VAULT INTL Film 599564 Item 3;
2. kotet/volume/localities arranged by counties, and within the counties by districts: VAULT INTL Film 973041;
3. Mikrofilmlapon: FHL INTL Fiche 6000840.
Copies/ Call Number:
943.9 E5d v. 1-2; Location: FHL SPECIAL Book;
943.9 E5d v. 1 copy 2; FHL INTL Book;
943.9 E5d v. 1-2; FHL INTL Book;
943.9 E5d; FHL INTL Reference;
943.9 E5d v. 2; FHL INTL Reference.
Call Number
943.9 E5d v. 1-2; Vol. I on film 599564, Vol. II on film 973041
European Reference Collection, 943.9 FSd., Fiche #6000840.

C] Also at FHL [INTL Film 1256328] you will find Dr. Jozsef Jekelfalussy's "A magyar korona orszagainak helysegnevtara / Orts-Lexikon der Lander der ungarischen Krone/ed. 1892" [the author was the President of the Royal National Hungarian Statistics and Minister at that time].


D] In 1897 the Hungarian Parliament vote the Law on the Villages Name [the Banffy law/as an important step in the Magyarisation Process/Program]; according to this law, all the official names of the villages in the Hungarian Kingdom will be only in Hungarian language after 1897. So, you might consider checking also at FHL the Gazetteer of Hungary, edition 1913 [divided into sections for Hungary and for Horvat-Szlavonorszagok/Horvat-Szlavonia; later known as the region of Slavonia in Croatia], ie Magyar helysegnev-azonosíto szotar/Gazetteer of Hungarian localities in 1913 by Lelkes Gyorgy [with cross-indexes to the Hungarian names from the Serbo-Croatian, Latin, Polish, German, Russian, Rumanian, Slovakian, and Ukrainian forms of the names].
Call Number 943.9 E5Lg
Copies/Call Number: 943.9 E5m 1913; Location: FHL INTL Reference.

You can buy a new version [ed. 1998] of this book from Talma Konyvkiado, Hungary. 

How to order the book? Just sand Kosa Pal an email

E] Try the Hungarian Village Finder Web Site.

F] Ask for professional help [list of professional researchers working in the old Austro-Hungary Empire]

G] For identifying places in East Europe you can try also:

Other Resources:

1] Magyarorszag helysegeinek 1773-ban keszult hivatalos osszeírasa / Gazetteer of Hungary, compiled officially in 1773 [with Latin, Hungarian, Germanic and Slavic variations of place names. Also shows church parishes and the language spoken by the populace. Index included].
Call Number 943.9 E5m

2] Magyarorszag torteneti helysegnevtara / Historical gazetteer of Hungary for 1773-1808.
Shows church and civil jurisdictions, etc. Content:
1. kotet/volume: Fejer megye/county; Call Number 943.9 E5ks v. 1
2. kotet: Pest-Pilis-Solt megye es a Kiskunsag; Call Number 943.9 E5ks v. 2
4. kotet: Vas megye; Call Number 943.9 E5ks v. 4
5. kotet: Bihar megye es a Hajdúsag; Call Number 943.9 E5ks v. 5
6. kotet: Borsod megye; Call Number 943.9 E5ks v. 6
7. kotet: Lipto megye; Call Number 943.9 E5ks v. 11 pt. 1
8. kotet: Veszprem megye; Call Number 943.9 E5ks v. 7
10. kotet: Maramaros megye; Call Number 943.9 E5ks v. 10
11. kotet: Zala megye (I es II); Call Number 943.9 E5ks v. 8
Subject Class 943.9 E5

3] Magyarorszag geographiai szotara mellyben minden varos, falu es puszta korulmenyesen leiratik / Gazetteer of Hungary for 1851 by Fenyes Elek
Tartalom: 1-2. kot. A-K ; 3-4. kot. L-Z
Call Number
943.9 E5f
943.9 E5f copy 2
943.9 E5f copy 3