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   Abkürzungen von Vornamen / First Names

   Kürzungszeichen / Apostrophes [Genealogical Symbols]

   Abkürzungen / Abbreviations

   Quellenverzeichnis / Bibliographical Index


Stefan Stader's volumes of "Sammelwerk donauschwäbischer Kolonisten/Auszüge aus der donauschwäbischen Gesamtkartei" [vol. 1-6; AKdFF, Sindelfingen/Germany, 1997-2003] are published in alphabetical order by SURNAMES [published up to "Schazer"]. It has been estimated there will be 9 [10?] volumes in the end. The books are transcribed info from all Authorized Sources of Research Data for the Banat and Batschka area like:
   - WK's book of settlers who were registered in Vienna;
   - Hacker's research data;
   - the data from the "Kirchenbuecher", which were published by AKdFF members; 

   - Etc.
Stader's objective is to have the most accurate  [but we did find some mistakes!] information database available. His major goal is to list the place where the settlers originally came from. These volumes concern only the *original settlers* [~1740-1830] and mainly the settlers from the second and third wave of colonization.

After Stefan Stader's death [on 10.12.2003 in Hanau, Germany], AKdFF / Arbeitskreis donauschwäbischer Familienforscher e.V. appointed someone to take over and finish his work on "Sammelwerk donauschwäbischer Kolonisten".


Examples of Abbreviations existing in Stader's "Sammelwerk donauschwäbischer Kolonisten …" :

- Qu; (5) BanA Fasz 35 rNr 156, fol 155b-156 = Abs SKRA S 94; (211) St-Len; (144) PeBak S 12.
- Qu; (1) WK 265/99; = (4) UngRA Pro 1785, fol 123-125 = Abs Bd VII S 162; (5) BanA Fasz 35 rNr 156, fol 155b-156, 784b-785 = Abs SKRA S 94, 302.


Qu = "sources".

"Quellenverzeichnis" on XXIX-XLV of the Stader Book for the numbers (for example "(1)" or "(5)")

"Abkürzungen" on XLVI-XLIX for the rest (for example "BanA" ....)
Abs. = copy of the list
SKRA = Schlafkreuzerakten im Hofkammerarchiv Wien, mit vielen Einquartierungen im Banat (Settlers List in the Vienna file with many quartering in the Banat)
St-Len = Stader's Lenauheim files
WK = Quellen zur deutschen Siedlungsgeschite in Südosteuropa, bearbeitet von Dr. Franz WILHELM und Dr. Josef KALBRUNNER, 1936 (Sources of German Settlement History in Southeast Europe)
UngRa = Hungarian settler list (Hungarian State Archive)
The numbers after the source information are most likely the page/sheet numbers
DU FK stands for Deutsch-Ungarischer Familien-Kalender

BanA = Banater Akten

Fasz = Faszikel / Fascicle

fol = folio / page

Abs = Abschrift / copy

S = Seite / page

Bd = band / volume

Dr. Anton Peter Petri's List of Abbreviations from “Herkunftsorte der … Kolonisten” series