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Timişoara is the main city of today Timiş County, Romania but also of the historical Banat. The city was founded in the XIII Century.
City's Names: in German: Temeswar, Temeschburg / Romanian: Timişoara / Hungarian: Temesvár / Variants: Temeschwar, Temesvar.
Today Location: in Timiş County, Romania at approx. 21 deg 17' E; 45 deg 47' N. Check one of the Timis County's map.
Timisoara was a true meeting point of different people with different confessional believes: Roman Catholic/RC, Greek Catholic, Orthodox not united with Rome [differently for Serbs and Romanians], Protestants of Augsburg confession/Lutherans, Protestants of Helvetica confession, Jews, Evangelical Reformed Confession, etc.
Because lot of the inhabitants at the beginning of the XX Century were of Roman Catholic confession, the next analyze will focus on them.

The genealogical research in Timişoara is one of the most difficult of all because you must search trough several distinct RC parishes [each quarter had his own parish] and the city was big even at the end of XIX Century [in 1900 the city had ~56.000 inhabitants]. In fact, lots of Timişoara's inhabitants were living in rented houses and were moving a lot [each year?] because the houses were rented only a yearly basis. So, a thorough research means that you must search in all these RC parishes covering all the periods of time [or a certain period of time].

At FHL are to be found only the records for the "core" of the city [the CETATE / burg / var part of it also known as Innere Stadt / Belváros] under the name Temeschburg, Temesvar [microfilm no. 1190343 to 1190357]: Roman Catholic/RC Church records/KB's for the period:
B 1717-1852, M 1718-1861, D 1719-1835.
In Romania -in the romanian archives- the records for CETATE covers: B 1717-1901; M 1717-1901; D 1717-1901. The period after 1901 is covered by KB's which are to be found today at Timişoara’s Bishopric Archives [and this is a closed archive].
After 1.10.1895 is available also the civil registration.
Also at FHL are to be found the RC Temeswar's Cathedral / Domkirche records [microfilm no. 1190358]:
B, M, D 1739-1871.

But there are also the Roman Catholic/RC parishes for the following quarters:

-FABRIC / Gyárkülváros / Fabrikstadt [Timişoara's II quarter]
KB's existing in the romanian archives: B 1726-1897; M 1728-1909; D 1726-1900
[records for >1900 are still at the RC parish].
For the period >1895 there exists also the civil registration's records.

-ELISABETIN / Maierele Vechi / Mayerhof / Majorkülváros or Majorok / Erzsébetkülváros (starting 25.05.1896) / Elisabethstadt [Timişoara's III quarter]
had his own RC parish starting 1919. Until then the genealogical events [B/C, M, D] are in the Iosefin church books.

-IOSEFIN / Maierele Noi / Józsefkülváros / Josefstadt [Timişoara's IV quarter]
The quarter was build along the Bega channel starting 1744. From 1773 is known as Josefstadt.
KB's existing in the romanian archives: B 1774-1896; M 1774-1900; D 1774-1897
[probably the records >1900 are still at the parish].
For the period >1895 there exists also the civil registration's records.
For the period <1774, the genealogical events -B, M, D- must be searched in the CETATE KB's.

-MEHALA / Ferenckülváros / Franzstadt [starting 1.01.1910 a Timişoara's V quarter]
had his own RC parish starting 1919 when separate church books were kept also.
Until then/1910, the genealogical events are to be found in Iosefin's church books.
In the 1770's, the village had already more than 200 houses.

-FRATELIA / Chişoda Nouã / Tesöld / Ujkissoda / Neu Kischoda [Timişoara's VI quarter]
separate church books are to be kept starting 1932. Before this date the genealogical events are to be found in the Freidorf and Elisabetin [probably between 1919-1932] church books.

-FREIDORF / Szabadfalu / Neudorf / Freydorff [starting 1950 Timişoara's VII quarter]
at FHL: Freidorf, Szabadfalu [microfilm no. 0858370]: B 1723-1823, M 1730-1823, D 1728-1730, 1736-1823 [FB for this period of time].
The period 1723-1902 is covered by RC church records existing in the romanian archives.
Some records are still at today's parish [D>1915 for example]
For the period >1895 there exists also the civil registration's records at Timişoara's mayoralty.

[1] For other religions please contact us for complete explanations.
[2] Unfortunately, you are not allowed to search trough the civil registration's records -which are to be found at Timişoara mayoralty- yourself because, under the romanian law in force, the period >1901 is close for public access [see for more details] you must know an exact date [day/month/year; nobody from the mayoralty will search -due the extensive time involved- trough several huge registers for a certain genealogical event] and quarter in order to ask officially for an extract for a certain person/genealogical event.
[3] Timisoara's city map [from the 1890s].