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-Virtual books [in German language]
-Peter Jung's anthology of poetry "Du meine Heimat, mein Banat!"
-Dr. Peter Pink, Maria Schulz, and Hans Schulz's study "Schriften über Stefan Jäger"
-Alfons Vezoc's "Banater Landschaft"

Stefan Jäger's Paintings:
-Castelul Huniazilor
-The Triptychon
-Studio & Paintings
-Stefan Jäger's Memorial House
Stefan Jäger's Complete Family Tree: his Father's Lines [as pdf document] .&. his Mother's Lines [as pdf document]
[up to the first colonist coming in Banat in all the lines]

Traditions in Banat:
-German Bedroom
-German Kitchen
-Shrine of the German House
-German Costumes
-German Costumes for Kirchweih
-German Costumes for Marriage
-German Bride's Gloves
-German Pottery
-German Pottery
-German Pottery
-German Pottery
-Old German Pottery
-Austrian Pottery
-Rammer used in Washing Clothes

On http://www.hartionline.ro [maps on line], check the Postcards / Vederi section:
-Postcards from Arad County
-Maria Radna Monastery from Lipova
-Roman Catholic Church in Vinga
-Postcards from Timis County
-Postcards from Caras-Severin County

Maps for Banat:
-Hieronymus Benedicti's Map [1789] Detail N-NE/ Detail NW
-Banat in 1886
-Ethnic Map [in 1910]
-Route Map

Maps for villages in Banat:
-Ebendorf / Stiuca [1797]
-Bruckenau / Pischia [1815]
-Tolvadia / Livezile [1777]
-Deta [1781]
-Tomesti [1777]
-Giroc [1788]
-Timisoara Castle [1831]

If you cannot access directly one of these pages, go to http://www.infotim.ro/mbt/istorie/ccartografie/ccartografie.htm [or http://www.infotim.ro/en/infohome.htm] and chose Banat's Cultural Heritage / Inspectoratul pentru Cultura al Judetului Timis / Muzee / Muzeul Banatului / Sectia de Istorie / cartografie.

At http://www.infotim.ro/mbt/istorie/ccartografie/ccartografie.htm you can find also maps for the following villages:
-Curtea [1787]
-Mosnita Veche [1774]
-Racasdia [1784]
-Alios [1785]

General Web Sites:

-Coat of arms [used between 1886-1919] of:
-Caras-Severin / Krasso-Szörény Vármegye/County
-Timis / Temes Vármegye/County
-Torontál Vármegye/County
-Arad Vármegye/County
-Cenad / Csanád Vármegye/County

-Les Français du Banat     [search for Les Franšais du Banat et le corps de la nation]
-The Jew community in Timisoara
-Austrian-Hungarian Constitution of 1867
-"The Problem of the Immigrant" by James Davenport Whelpley, London, 1905
-Hungary's Emigration Law from 1903
-Hungary's Emigration Regulations: Emigration Discouraged. Only One Route from Hungary

Notes: Only the Web Pages in German/English/French language
existing on romanian servers are listed here.