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Franz Wilhelm & Josef Kallbrunner [in their book "Quellen zur deutschen Siedlungsgeschichte in Sudosteuropa", German Academy, Munchen, 1932] published the lists of the colonists mainly for the second and third wave of colonization. In many cases, the names of the colonists are written "phonetically" and are difficult to identify [rumors said that Wilhelm & Kallbrunner used inexperienced student's work in their enterprise]. The authors used the bureaucratic cards made by the imperial administration in order to pay the travel expanses of the settlers passing trough Vienna.
The book is available in USA trough FHL [microfilm 897413, Item 4] and is define as "Source material pertaining to the history of German colonization in southeastern Europe. Includes names of 13.201 emigrants to Galicia, Austria, to Hungary, the Banat, and the Batschka. Includes place of origin in Germany. Includes names of 13.201 emigrants to Galicia, Austria, to Hungary, the Banat, and the Batschka. Includes place of origin in Germany" [microfilm 1256477 Item 2: Andere Filmung. Wien: Finanz und Hofkammer Archiv; consul/search also at FHL for: Ansiedlerakten, 1686-1855].

The bulk of information published by Wilhelm & Kallbrunner are the "Banater Akten" but these contain more information than Wilhelm & Kallbrunner's work.
The Banater Akten [also to be found at FHL; see/search for Ansiedlerakten, 1686-1855] gives:
   - date of registration in Vienna and arrival in Banat
   - age & occupation
   - number in party traveling together
   - area/village of origin.
Unfortunately, the Banater Akten are not in alphabetical but chronological order [1749-1804]. But knowing precisely the date for the Vienna passing, this source is pure "gold"! So, if the ancestors are found first in Wilhelm & Kallbrunnerţs book, then a search in the Banater Akten is much easier and recommended.

The main advantage is that Wilhelm & Kallbrunner's book has a surname index, and the authors made an attempt to identify all villages mentioned in "Banater Akten".
The second advantage is that in "Quellen zur deutschen Siedlungsgeschichte in Sudosteuropa" includes more lists than just the "Banater Akten" [lists of those going to Galicia, protestants expelled from Slovenia, etc.].
Stefan Stader, in his books "Sammelwerk donauschwäbischer Kolonisten.  Auszüge aus der donauschwäbischen Gesamtkartei" [AKdFF, vol. 1-6; Sindelfingen, 1977-2003] use a lot of Wilhelm & Kallbrunner's work.

At FHL [Call Number 943 H22b] is to be found also Bruce Brandt & Edward Reimer Brandt compilation "Where to look for hard-to-find German-speaking ancestors in Eastern Europe. Index to 19.720 surnames in 13 books, with historical background on each settlement" [2nd ed., Minneapolis, B. & E.R. Brandt, 1993]; Name index to 13 books on German colonies in Eastern Europe. Includes surnames and references to five sources where they may be found in Galicia, Austria, Hungary, the Banat, and the Batschka.