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In order to locate a place in the old German Empire, the interested can use the "Meyers Gazetteer" [i.e. "Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon des Deutschen Reichs: auf Grund amtlicher Unterlagen von Reichs-, Landes- und Gemeindebehorden" herausgegeben von Erich Uetrecht [Mit 51 Stadtplänen, 19 Umgebungs- und Übersichtskarten], einer Verkehrskarte und vielen statistischen Beilagen, 5 Auflage (edition), Bibliographisches Institut, Leipzig, Deutschland, 1912-'13; Meyers gazetteer and commercial directory of the German Empire].

FHL presentation: Shows information concerning each place name, including churches, civil offices and jurisdictions.

[ new! ] Starting the end of 2006, the Meyers Gazetteer is available also on line at Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon des Deutschen Reichs

At FHL, the Meyers Gazetteer is to be found at:
Subject Class 943 E5
Call Number / Location
943 E5mo v. 1 / FHL INTL Reference
943 E5mo v. 2 / FHL INTL Reference
943 E5mo v. 1 copy 2 / FHL INTL Book
943 E5mo v. 2 copy 2 / FHL INTL Book
943 E5mo v. 1 copy 3 / FHL INTL Book
943 E5mo v. 2 copy 3 / FHL INTL Book

Bd. 1, A-K / FHL INTL Film 496640
Bd. 2, L-Z / FHL INTL Film 496641
Andere Verfilmung: Bd. 1, A-K / VAULT INTL Film 528756
Bd. 2, L-Z / VAULT INTL Film 528757
Andere Verfilmung: Bd. 1, A-K / VAULT INTL Film 491055
Bd. 2, L-W / VAULT INTL Film 491056
Bd. 2, W-Z / VAULT INTL Film 491057
Andere Verfilmung von den Landkarten / FHL INTL Film 1181610 Item 1
Auch auf Mikrofiche. Bd. 1-2, A-Z / FHL INTL Fiche 6000001-6000029

In German Genealogical Digest [search for Volume 9, Number 1], is to be found Larry O. Jensen's article: "Using the Meyers Gazetteer to determine localities in 1871 German Empire". 

From the presentation made to this article: "The Meyers Gazetteer is considered by many to be the most important reference tool the German genealogist can learn to use. However, it is written in German and uses many abbreviations (see German Genealogical Digest, Vol. 5, No. 4 for a detailed list). Meyers' lists German localities as they existed at the time of the 1871 German Empire. This article talks about the two most important functions of the Meyers' Gazetteer. The Meyers gazetteer is a key factor in doing German genealogy".
In German Genealogical Digest [Volume 5, Number 4], is to be found Laraine K. Ferguson's compilation: "Meyers' Gazetteer. Abbreviation Table".

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At FHL's Web Site [search Germany / Gazetteers] are to be found also much more resources [than needed] to help the interested in located a place of origin in the “old” Germany.



Note: The majority of the researchers consider the finding of the place of origin in Germany for their ancestors as being "the pot of gold at the end of their research rainbows". Unfortunately, according to Josef Kühn, the author of Sackelhausen Familienbuch [see at page 35], for 34%[!] of the inhabitants of this village [between 1765-1993 / 2638 names] the origin place is unknown. This is a statistic that nobody can ignore.