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1038: the firs acknowledged Latin school on romanian territory is set up in Cenad1

1179: the first library in Romania2 is set up at Igris

1315-1323: Timisoara is the residency of the hungarian king Carol Robert de Anjou

1370: the first handicraftsmen’s guild is documented in Timisoara

1718: the first brewery in Romania is build in Timisoara; the brewery is still producing one of the best romanian beers

1718: the first romanian rice field is arranged in Ghiroda

1722: the Bega river is transformed in a navigable channel [115 km]. Banat is connected to the European navigation system

1728: in Timisoara the first tobacco mill in Romania is set-up

1753: the first documented theatre organized in Timisoara

1771: “Temesvarer Nachrichten”, one of the first newspapers in Central and Eastern Europe is edited in Timisoara

1798: at Sannicolau Mare is established the first Agricultural School in Romania and one of the oldest in Europe

1828: the oldest glass factory still functional in Romania is established in Tomesti

1854: the first telegraph is set up connecting Timisoara to Vienna

1857: Timisoara is the first illuminated [with gas] city in Romania

1869: the first horse-tramway is inaugurated in Timisoara [at only 15 years from the world’s debut in Paris]

1881: only 5 years after the invention of the telephone, the first romanian  phone network is established in Timisoara

1884: for the first time in Europe, the electricity is being used as a tool for street lighting in Timisoara [731 lamps]

1871: the Philharmonic Association is organized in Timisoara

1885: the first museum is established

1899: the first football/soccer game in Romania takes place in Timisoara

1899: in Timisoara the electrical tramway is introduced


Nowadays, Timisoara is the only european city with current theatrical activity in 3 languages [romanian, hungarian, german]. On regular basis cultural actions in 8 languages take place in the region. Here are over 800 cultural establishment only in Timis County; 466 libraries, 11 museums, 3 cinemas, 7 theatres, etc.  


Did you Know that:

… in 1342 Timisoara was mentioned for the first time with the title of *civitas*/city?

… Johnny Weissmuller, Olympic Champion and worldwide known as famous interpreter of the first speaking Tarzan, was born in 1904 in today Timisoara’s Freidorf quarter?

… Ludwig van Beethoven’s great love, Johanna von Greth, is buried in Timisoara’s Jewish Cemetery?

… Yehudi Menuhin once affirmed that the concert hall of the Music High School “Ion Vidu’ from Timisoara has the best acoustic in Europe?

… Timisoara was known as “little Vienna” because of its dominant architectural style [baroque with Viennese influence]?

… Timisoara is known also as the *city of flowers* or the *garden city* ?

… a local proverb says: in Banat even the dogs bark in four languages?

… in the Timis County people belonging to 29 ethnic origins and 17 religions live together in harmony?




[1] all these villages/towns are in today Romania

[2] as Romania, we understand the today romanian territory