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On the first page in Sannicolau Mare's Roman Catholic Marriage Record covering the period 1848-1876, you can find a rare notation: the VASAROK [ie “market-villages” in hungarian language] in this area for the enteire year.

The priest made also the following remark: "market-villages on which the chraftsmans from Sannicolau Mare are going and they miss the holy service":


-18 January in Coka [in today Yugoslavia]

-5 March in Comlosul Mare1

-19 March in Timisoara

-19 March in Jimbolia

-26 march in Biled

-in the first Monday after Passion Sunday, also known as Judica Sunday, in Arad

-in the first Saturday of April in Sannicolau Mare

-24 April in Periam

-24 April in Kikinda [in today Yugoslavia]

-in a week time after Ester in Coka [in today Yugoslavia]

-1 May in Novi Knesevac [in today Yugoslavia]

-in the first Monday after the Feast of the Holy Trinity in Coka [in today Yugoslavia]

-in the Monday before "Aldozo Csotortok" [Ascension Thursday, 40 days after Easter] in Vinga

-2 June in Timisoara

-15 June in Biled and Comlosul Mare

-17 June in Kikinda [in today Yugoslavia]

-18 June in Periam

-29 June in Jimbolia

-in the first Monday after St. Peter and Paul, in Arad

-2 July in Sannicolau Mare

-12 August in Novi Knesevac [in today Yugoslavia]

-in the Monday's Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary [August 15] in Vinga

-1 September in Comlosul Mare

-8 September in Jimbolia

-16 September in Kikinda [in today Yugoslavia]

-19 September in Novi Knesevac [in today Yugoslavia]

-23 September in Periam

-27 September in Timisoara

-29 September in Coka [in today Yugoslavia]

-1 October in Vinga

-10 October in Biled

-22 October in Sannicolau Mare

-2 November in Vinga

-8 November in Jimbolia

-in the Monday of St. Demetrius week, in Arad

-2 December in Kikinda [in today Yugoslavia]

-18 December in Timisoara [in the week of St. Nicholas Day]



[1] if the country is not mentioned, that means today Romania.