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The colonies of Lorrainers & Alsatians in Banat by Dr. L. Hecht [as pdf document]
Annexes: TABLE 1 - 6 [as pdf document]
The Original Study [in French language] [as a huge pdf document ! 5 Mb]

The Original Study Page by Page: 219 | 268 [as jpg images of ~100 Kb each]

The original study was published in 1878 as "Les Colonies Lorraines et Alsaciennes en Hongrie" par Dr. L. Hecht, Professor at the Medicine Faculty from Nancy, France.
It was published at pages 219-268 in the "Mémoires de L'Académie de Stanislas", 1878, CXXIX Année, 4e Série, Tome XI, Nancy, Imprimerie Berger-Le Vrault et Cle, 11, Rue Jean-Lamour, 11, 1879.

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