a.c. = abbreviation for "anni currentis" or "anno currente" of the current year
a, ab = from, by
ab hoc mense = from this month on
abavia = great-great-grandmother
abavus = great-great-grandfather, ancestor
abdormitus = died
abdormivit = he/she died
abiit = he/she died
abinde = since
abitus est = he/she died, went away
abjectarius = cabinetmaker, woodworker
abjuro = to renounce by oath
ablicentiatus = released [has also the meaning of reservist of the … regiment …]
ablutus = christening
ablutus est = he was baptized
abohretrin in recepitate baptizatus = the infant died before a priest could be summoned or it was a still birth
abs = from, by
abscessus = death
absque = without, except
abstersus = baptized
abuo = I baptize, I wash
ac = and
acatholicus = non-Catholic, Protestant
accipio = to take, receive, take possession of
accola = local resident
acicularius = needle maker
acqu. = abbreviation for acquaintance [ie friend, and not a family member]
acquiescat = he/she reposes, dies, is content with
acquietus est = he died
acra = acre
actum = record
ad = to, at, in, for, towards
adhuc = as yet, still
adhuc viv.(ens) = still alive
adjutor = assistant
adjuvenis = assistant
adolescens, adolescentulus = young single man/lady, adolescent, single bridal couple
adulterium = adultery
advenit = he appeared, came
advocatus = lawyer
aedificata = build, raised
aegyptus = gypsy
aequalis = equal
aetas (aetatis) = age
aetate = (being) in the age of, age
affinis = brother in-law, relative
affinitas = relationship by marriage
affirmavit = he/she affirmed, confirmed, asserted
agentis = of the official
agnatus = blood relative in the male line
agricola = farmer
ahenarius = coppersmith
albus = white
alemannus = German
alias = also, otherwise, or, at, another, called
alibi = elsewhere, at another time
aliud (alius) = other, another
allemania = Germany
Alsatia, Auxentium = Alsace
altare = altar
alter = the next, the other
alutarius = tanner
ambo = both, two together
amita = aunt, father's sister
amitinus = cousin, (child of father's sister)
anaemia = feebleness
ancilla = young woman, female servant
ancillus = male servant
andedictus = aforesaid
anima = soul, spirit
animam reddidit domino suo = he/she returned the soul to his/her Lord (died)
anni proximi elapsi = of the preceding year
anno = in the year (of)
anno domini = in the year of (our) Lord
anno incarnationis = in the year (since/of) the incarnation (of the Lord)
annus = year ( "annus et dies" ... "year and date")
annus et dies copulationis = year and date of marriage
annus et dies obitus = year and date of death
ante = before, in front of, prior to
antenatus = step son
antera = before
antiquus = old, senior
apicolarum = the person who keeps or raises bees
aprilis = of April
apud = at the house of, at, by, near
aqelarius = landless farmer, farm worker
aqua = water
aquis suffocatus = drowned
archidiaconus = archdeacon
archiepiscopus = archbishop
archivum = archive
arcularius = carpenter; maker of small cases, wood worker, cabinet maker
arendator = renter. Arenda was the rent. Jews often rented inns (pubs) from the landlord to sell alcoholic drinks. The sale of alcoholic drink was a royal privilege granted to nobles only.
arendatores = lessees and licensees/ land agent, tenant
arma, armorum = coat of arms , [of] coat of arms
armentarius = herdsman
armiger = gentleman, squire
artifices = artisans
ascarius = carpenter
asciarius = maker of ascia = hatchet, adze, hoe, spade, trowel, hammer of the stone hewer
at = but
atina vestoris = atinat [Atina was a town of volosci in Latium/today Atina in Italy; Atinas/ from Atina] + [vestis/ clothes]; clothes for mourning?
atque = and
augusti = of August
aurifaber = goldsmith
auriga = coachman, driver
aut = or
autem = but, however, moreover
ava = grandmother
avi = ancestors, grandparents
avia = grandmother
aviaticus = nephew
avunculus = uncle (mother's brother)
avus = grandfather


abortus fever = intermittent fever caused by brucellosis
aeger = sick
aegror, aegrotantem = sickness, illness
agonia = cramps
agrippo = pneumonia
anasarca = generalized massive edema; dropsy
anchylosis, ankylosis = abnormal stiffening and immobility of a joint by fusion of the bones
angina = pain in chest brought on by exertion; intense constricting pain especially of the throat, can lead to suffocation; quinsy tonsillitis; stifled; may not necessarily refer to modern day usage of "chest pain" or "heart attack" because the term is also seen in records of children; quinsy
anorexia = usually animal disease with malaise, discharge from nose and throat
aphonia = laryngitis
aphtha, aphthae = thrush
aphthous stomatitis = an ulcerous sore of the mouth and lips, not considered fatal today; herpes simplex
apoplexia = apoplexy (paralysis due to stroke), stroke
apoplexia cerebri = brain stroke, brain apoplexy (paralysis due to stroke)
aquis suffocatus = drowned
ascensio pulmonum = ("upper respiratory infection" ? … in records often associated with infants)
ascites = dropsy
ascites = abdominal dropsy
as(th)ma = asthma
asphycsia, asphicsia = cyanotic and lack of oxygen
asthenia = debility
asthenia = abnormal bodily weakness or feebleness; decay of strength. This was a term descriptive of a patient's condition and of no help in making a diagnosis. Lack of movement or staying in bed
atrophia = wasting away or diminishing in size