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   Dear Researcher;


   Following Your message, we [GenealogyRO Group, the first Genealogical Research & Probate Investigation Group for Romania] understood that You are currently working on establishing Your family’s genealogy in the Banat region.

   Unfortunately, as you very well know, there are no on-line archives in Romania yet and only a small part of the archives are available in USA or Germany. And it will take, probably, about 15-30 years to solve this problem [in Romania anyway!]. See more on this subject consulting our comment: The Romanian Gap

   Presently, a part of the documents of the village churches, cemetery records and mayoralties  [baptismal-marriage-death records] are stocked in the National Archives. And these are accessible to us. Some Catholic Church records for the Diocese of Banat [the second copy covering the period after 1895] are still at the archives of Bishopric-Bishop's Office/Bischofliches Ordinariat/Puspoki Hatosag in Timisoara. This archive is closed for genealogical research. But this is not a problem for us, because for the same period of time, we can access the civil registration, which is still on site, in the villages. We can go there and talk with the mayor, the priest, and the registrar for looking up in the registers. In villages one could gather good information from cemeteries [tombstones] as well. Thanks to our foreign collaborators, we have access to German & American archives, too. Our library contains all the Familienbuchs and Ortssippenbuchs published in Germany for the Banat region. And much, much more!

   The search takes time and effort. All these archives are still on paper! In this case, you only need patience, hard work and a little bit of luck [!] in order to find what you are looking for in achieving your goal: a Complete Family Tree [example] up to the first settler in Banat in each line with their place of origin in Western Europe.

Once the research project started, we are very prompt and in 2-3 weeks you will receive the first information.

   GenealogyRO Group is located in Timisoara/Timis County and we are able to cover mainly the Romanian part of:

·         Banat Region [Bansag, Banat]:

         -Timis, County [Temes-Torontal]/Timisoara Town [Temeschburg, Temeswar, Temesvar],

         -Arad County / Arad Town,

         -Caras-Severin County [Krasso-Szoreny Varmegye] / Resita Town [Reschitza, Reschitz, Resicabanya, Nemet- Resicza]

         -Hunedoara County [Hunyad Varmegye] / Hunedoara Town [Eisenmarkt, Vajdahunyad], Deva Town [Schlossberg, Denburg, Diemrich, Deva], Orastie Town [Bross, Szaszvaros], Brad Town, Calan Town [Pusztakalan, Kalan], Hateg Town [Wallenthal, Hatszeg].

·        Banatul Severinului [Severiner Banat, Szorenyi Bansag]:

         -Mehedinti County / Drobeta Turnu-Severin Town [Szorenyvar], Orsova Town [Orschowa, Orsava];

·         Crisana Region: Bihor County [Wardein] / Oradea Town [Großwardein, Nagyvarad];

·         Satu Mare Region [Sathmar, Szatmar, Szathmarium] / Satu Mare Town [Sathmar, Zoutmarkt, Salzmarkt, Szatmárnémeti, Zatmarnemeti], Baia Mare Town [Neustadt, Frauenbach, Nagybánya], Carei Town [Groß-Karol, Karol, Nagy-Karoly].

In some cases, we can do research in whole Transilvania & Romania through our network of full/part time researchers located in each of the Romanian counties.

   We have a good experience because we already did/do genealogical researches for the last 5 years; not only for hundred of hobbyists, but for American, Austrian and English probate consultants companies as well. So, please check the References Section of our WEB Site.

   In exchange for a modest fee [depending on the complexity of the research and amount of work], you can employ us for performing a detailed research.

   Our research includes all major aspects of genealogical research: search and drawing up of family trees, search for living relatives, search for heirs, translation of old documents [i.e. Latin documents] and much more. We translate in English and French from Hungarian, German [including gothic style], Serbian and Romanian.

   All research and results will be sent to you directly. We can provide copies of all documentation [in some cases legal/bureaucratic steps must be followed; and these are not the same in every case!], sources, and findings and provide a summary report. All information and results are held in the strictest confidence. We do not reveal our client’s information or names to anyone and try to conduct our business in both an expedient and professional manner.

   If you are interested in such collaboration, all details will be established directly by E-mailing us.

   Checking our WEB Site you have the opportunity to choose a specific service for your research project by specific request. In the References Section of our Web Site you will find some testimonials from our former clients regarding our work. Those interested, can also find references about our work and us in Banat-List’s archives [go to RootsWeb Mailing Lists Archives and submit a Query for Banat and then just search for Sorin or GenRoG].

   There are some steps that must be followed [i.e. by You and GenRoG] for starting a new research project. Here you will find some more details about our Services & Fees

   For further details about GenealogyRO Group, please visit also FEEFHS Web Site . Even if these pages are not our conception and realization, we are proud to be hosted on the Web Site of the Federation of East European Family History Societies from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.


   Good Hunting !


   GenealogyRO Group