id. = abbreviation for idösebb = senior, Sr. [placed after name; for example Janos id.]

idegen = from elsewhere, foreign

idehaza = here, at home

ideiglenes = temporary

ideje = date of, time of

idétlen szülés = birth defect

idevaló = local, of the same place

idevalósi = local person

idö = time

idösebb = senior, elder, older, Sr. [placed after name]

idül = became chronic, old

ifj. = abbreviation for ifjabb = Jr., junior [placed after name ex Janos ifj.]

ifjabb = junior, younger

ifjú = young, young man, adolescent, Jr. [placed after name ex Janos ifju]

igazolás = certificate

igazolvány = certificate

igen = yes

ikrek = twins

-inas apprenticeipa = father-in-law

index = index[es]

indulas = departure

intézö = superintendent, reeve, steward

ipar = industry or trade

iparos = craftsman, worker; handcraft; master

iparos-tanuló = apprentice

irás = writing

iratok = documents, records

irni = to write

irnok = clerk, scribe

irodalom = literature, office

is = also

iskola = school

iskolaszolga = servant in a school

ismeretlen = unknown, unidentified

ismét = again

ispan = has several meanings in hungarian language: forman for laborers [which is the most likely meaning in this case]; superintendent of landed estates; the overseer of manorial farm of the village; overseer land steward; community official; head / governor of a county / county administrator

ispar[os] = tradesman

iparos = worker; handcraft; craftsman; master

itt = here

itt nyugszik = here lies, here rests

itteni = of this place

iz = generation

izr. = izraelita = Jewish

izraelita [izr., IZR.] = Israelite, Jewish




ideggyulladás = neuritis

idegláz = nerve fever, typhus, typhoid fever

idétlenség / idétlenszülés = abortion, born before 9 months

idöelötti születés = premature birth

idül = became chronic, old

idült hasmenes = chronic diarrhea / due cancer at anus?

influenzás megbetegedés = influenza

izomgyulladás = miocarditis

izületi csúz = rheumatism

izületi gyulladás = arthritis

izületi gyulladásos = arthritic

izvápa lob = inflammation of the hip joint

izzadmányos mellhártyagyulladás = effusive pleurisy





jámbor = meek

január = January

járás = district, division; literally means "walking"; the districts were small enough so any one could walk to an office of the local government in one day

járásbiró = district’s judge

jegyes = betrothed, engaged

jegyváltás = betrothal, engagement

jegyzék = register, notes, remarks

jegyzet = notes

jegyzö = notary, scribe, town clerk

jegyzökönyv = record, proceeding, report

jelenlét = presence

jelenlétemben = in my presence

jelleg = characteristic, quality

= good

jobb = right [direction], better

jobbágy = bondsman, serf, commoner

jószág = estate, property, animal

jövö = next

juhász = shepherd

julius = July

június = June