s = and

sachter = ritual butcher

sajat [onés] = own

sajtos = cheese maker

sandek = koma; the man who has the honor of holding the baby boy at the circumcision in Jewish religion; godfather

schuster mester = master shoemaker

sebész = surgeon

seborvos = surgeon

segéd = helper [not somebody with a qualification], journeyman, servant, assistant ["apprentice" ?], deputy

semmi = none, nothing

seres, sörös = brewer, beer drinker

serfözö = brewer

sipos = piper

sir = grave, burial site

soför = chauffeur

sógor = brother-in-law

sogora = his brother-in-law

sógornö = sister-in-law

soha = never

sok = many, much

soltész = magistrate in a village of settlers

sörés = cowboy

sörfözö = brewer

sorkatona = enlisted man

sorszám = registration number

sorszam = serial number

sós = salt dealer

sötet = dark

sóvágó = salter

státusz = status

stb. = abbreviation for és a tóbbi = and so forth, etc.

suszter = shoemaker

sütö = baker




sápkór = jaundice

sarlach = scarlet fever

sárgakór = literally “yellow age”

sárgaság = jaundice. Yellow discoloration of the skin, whites of the eyes, and mucous membranes, due to an increase of bile pigments in the blood; often symptomatic of certain diseases, such as hepatitis, obstruction of the bile duct, or cancer of the liver; condition caused by blockage of intestines (common at newborns)

sárgakór = literally “yellow age”

senyvedés = pneumonia

sérv = hernia

sinlödö = due illness, without powers, without power and energy, without powers due illness

skarlát = scarlet fever

skorbut = scurvy

sorvadás = atrophy, consumption, wasting away or diminishing in size