táblabiro = biro is judge; so this is like a circuit judge

táblázat = chart

tag = member

táján = about, approximately

takács = weaver

takarékpénztar = house of economy / savings bank

takarékpénztarnok = clerk at a savings bank

takaritónö = maid

tálos = dish maker

talpas = foot soldier

tanár = [high school] teacher, schoolmaster, professor

tanár jelölt = professor candidate

tanárnö = schoolmistress, teacher

tanitó = [elementary school] teacher

tanúk = witnesses

tanúk neve és állása = name of witness and occupation

tanuló = student

tanya = hamlet, a very small settlement, village or just a rural farm house alone; a hamlet; house, place; shelter, refuge; farms, ranches, buildings in the outskirts of settlements. Sometimes a single house out in the countryside; in US would mean a [small] farm [ranch]. "Tanya's" were within a village's land holdings, but a bit removed from the village itself. Its owner[s] usually occupied it during the summer [and worked the lands] but during the winter they lived in the village itself. "tanya's" were always smaller than "major's" [or "puszta's"]; less land, less buildings, etc. Tanya used to mean a temporary tent site of the horsemen, the herdsmen and the shepherds; today it means a building complex standing alone in the Great Hungarian Plain or in Banat's Plain. The buildings are generally rectangular; there are sheds and other buildings for produce and fodder storage next to the living quarters.

tanyán = in.... or on.... the place like tanyan szuletett / born = born in the remote farm house

tárgymutató = index of things

társaság = society

tartalék = reservist

tartalom = contents

tavaszán = in the springtime of

távol = far

távollét = absence

távolság = distance

téglavetö = brick-maker

tegnap = yesterday

tehenész = cowherd

tejesember = dairyman

Tekintetes = Distinguished [for people like directors, professors, etc.], the honorable, esquire

Tekintetes Nemzetes és Vitézl = the Right Honorable

tél = winter

telek = piece of land / real estate

telekkönyv = the land register [i.e. the cadaster or the cadastral survey]

telekkönyvezetö = a land [or real estate] registrar / registrar of properties. Imagine a big logbook in which all the land within a jurisdiction is entered by the size of the lot and by current ownership [the word "current" I is used deliberately because one of the functions of this person is to enter all the sales and probate actions which represent change of ownership]

telekkonyvland = register

telén = in the winter of

telkes = land owner [or home owner in general?], landholder, could also refer to a "tenant"

telkes gazda = small landholder

temet = burial

temetés = burial, funeral

temetés helye és napja = place and day of burial

temetkezesnek = burial

temetö = cemetery, churchyard

temetöör = sexton, watchman / guard in the cemetery

templom = church [building]

templomszolga = servant in the church

térkép = map

termete = height, stature

terület = area, territory

test = body

testvér = sibling, brother or sister

testverek = siblings

téves = wrong

timár = tanner, leather worker

Tiszáninnen = region north of the Tisza river

Tiszántúl = region south of the Tisza river

tiszt = officer [or could be function, duty]

tisztviselö = civil servant, official, clerk; but in Hungary this occupation had a higher status then in the US; office worker [white collar worker]; civil servant [of high rank]; office-holder, clerk, accountant, government employee / official, civil servant. tiszt = by itself is an officer; viselo = by itself is somehow who carries, wears etc; therefore, "local official or local civil officer, or plain civil officer”

titkár = secretary

tizedes = corporal

tn. [abbreviation on maps] = tanya = farms, ranches, buildings in the outskirts of settlements

= lake

tómester = lake master

torok = throat

török = Turkish

történelem = history

törvény = law

törvényes = [born as a] legitimate [child], legal

törvényes = legitimate, legal, rightful, married people or legal union

törvénytelen = [born as a] illegitimate [child], illegal, illegitimate, unmarried people

torvenytelen gyerek = illegitimate child

tót, tóth = Slovak

tözér = money changer

tud knows = how

tudo / tüdö = lung

tudós = scholar, scientist

tügyártó = needler, pin maker

túl = very, much

tulajdonos = owner

turós = curd maker

tutajos = bargeman

tüzoltó = fireman




tej-börkiütés = Literally “milk-skin’s eruption”

tifusz = typhus

torokfayas = throat pain

torokgyik / torokgyak = angina, quinsy; mumps, diphtheria [is the general infection which proceeds from local diphtheritis. Synonyms-Diphtheritis, malignant sore throat, a contagious disease, affecting the throat and upper air-passages, with a tendency to spread]

torokgyulladás = inflammation of the throat [laryngitis  /  pharyngitis ?], strep-throat or bronchitis, strep = throat or bronchitis

toroklob = pneumonia; sore throat [from lobog = flame?] with fever and swollen glands

trombózis = thrombosis

tüdö vész = consumption, pulmonary tuberculosis, phthisis

tüdöbaj = lung disease

tüdöbetegség porbelégzéstöl = pneumoconiosis

tüdögümö = tuberculosis; literally, bulb / knot at lungs

tüdögümökór = tuberculosis

tüdögyulladás = inflammation of the lungs [i.e., pneumonia], pneumonitis, pulmonitis, pneumonia

tüdöhudes = cold in lung, water at lungs or lung attack

tüdöhurut = bronchitis; chronic inflammation of the lungs [mucous membrane]

tüdökórság = tuberculosis, consumption

tüdölégdag = tüdö+lég+dag[ie daganat / tumor] = lung+ear+tumor

tüdölob = consumption, tuberculosis, inflammation at lungs, pneumonia

tüdörak = lung’s cancer

tüdösorv = tüdö=lung; "sorv" or "sorvadas" = wasting or consumption; chronic wasting away due to, or a name for, tuberculosis or consumption. See consumption [in the 19th century tuberculosis was also referred to as the "Hungarian disease"]

túdösorvadás = consumption, tuberculosis

tüdötakár = literally “chronic cold at lungs”

tüdöüszök = literally “pus at lungs”

tüdövérköpes = haemoptoe; literally “spit blood from lungs”

tüdövérzés = haemoptysis; literally “lung’s bleeding”

tüdóvész = lung disease, pulmonary consumption [i.e., tuberculosis]; chronic wasting away due to, or a name for, tuberculosis or consumption. See consumption [in the 19th century tuberculosis was also referred to as the "Hungarian disease"]

tüdövisz = water at lungs

tüdövizenyö, tüdövizenyösség = [Latin] oedema or hydrops pulmonum = pulmonary edema

tüly = scurvy

typhus = typhus