faber = metal smith
faber = maker, smith
faber aerarius = ironsmith
faber faerarius = coppersmith, black smith
faber lignarius = carpenter
faber lignarius = maker+of wood/ carpenter, woodcutter
faber muarius = bricklayer
faber serraius = locksmith, mechanic
fabor scrarius = fabor/faber/maker, smith; scrarius/?
factis tribus denunciationibus = after the publication of three marriage banns (three marriage banns having been published)
factus = made
falso = falsely, incorrectly
famella = housemaid
familia = family
familiaris = relative, slave, friend, follower
famula = [female] servant; handmaid [might have worked in the house most of the time]
famulus = [male] servant
februarii = of February
fecunda = pregnant
femina = female, woman, wife
fere = almost, nearly
feria = day, holiday
festum = feast, festival, wedding
fidelis = faithful
figulus = stove fitter, potter
fil(ius/ia) (il)legitimus/a = illegitimate son/daughter
filia = daughter
filia populae = illegitimate daughter
filia, filius = daughter, son
filialibus = branch of a parish
filiaster = stepson
filiastra = stepdaughter
filiola = little daughter
filiolus = little son
filius = son
filius legitimus = legitimate son
filius populi = illegitimate son
finis = border, end
firmarius = farmer
flusor sanguinis = bled to death
focus = hearth, fireplace, home
foderator = fuller, cloth worker
fodiator = digger
foemina (foeminin.) = woman, female
folium = page
fons (fontis) = baptismal font, spring, fountain
fossor = grave digger, miner
frater = brother
fuerunt = they were
fui = I was
fuit = he/she was
Fuitne provisos Sacramentis Moribundorum = were the last rites provided to the dying person? (response: "provisos" or "non provisos")
funifex = rope maker; twine manufacturer
furnarius = baker


feber (febris) = fever
febres calidve = febres (fever); calidve/calidus is hot, heat, warmth
febris = fever
febris angina = angina
febris bilosa = jaundice; a term loosely applied to certain enteric (intestinal) and malarial fevers; typhoid, malaria, hepatitis or elevated temperature and bile emesis /fever due to a liver disorder
febris castrensis = camp fever
febris flava = yellow fever
febris glarea = gravel
febris nervosa = nervous fever, [?]strong fever
febris perniciosa = deadly fever
febris petechialis = spotted fever
febris puerperalis = puerperal fever; febris/fever; puerperium/childbirth; fever caused by an infection after the childbirth
febris rubra = scarlet fever
febris tiphoida = an infectious, often fatal, febrile disease, usually occurring in the summer months, characterized by intestinal inflammation and ulceration caused by the bacterium salmonella typhi, which is usually introduced by food or drink. Symptoms include prolonged hectic fever, malaise, rose spots, abdominal pain, enlarged spleen, slowness of heart rate, delirium, and low white-blood cell count. The name came from the disease's similarity to typhus
fluxus = dysentery
frenesis, phraenesis = brain inflammation (generally in reference to infants?); literally delirium/wildness frantic/passionately