habent = they have
habet = he/she has
habitans = resident, inhabitant
habitatio = residence
habitavit = he/she resided, dwelt
habuit = he/she had, held
haec (hac) = this, the latter
haereticus = heretic
haud = not
hebdomada = week
heres (heredis) = heir
heri = yesterday
hic = here
hinc = from here
his = this, the latter
hispania = Spain
hoc = this, the latter
hodie = today
homo (hominis) = man, human being
hon.(estus) juv.(enis) = single, honorable/legitimate young man [not married]
honesta, honestus = legitimate; respectable, honorable
hora = hour
hortulanus = gardener
hospes (hospitis) = innkeeper
huius = of this, of the latter
hujas virgo = young lady/virgin from here/this village
hujas, hujates = from here, from this village; "here" or "in this place" in reference to the town/village/place that the records are being kept in; in generally means that the person was B or C in that parish/village, is "belonging" to that village [but could mean also that the person was living in the village at the date when the ge occurred]. In common Latin dictionaries the term is not to be found.
humatio, humationis = burial
humatus = burial
humatus est = he was buried
humilis = humble, lowly
hungaricus = Hungarian
hypodidasculus = schoolmaster, usher


haemorrhagia = bleeding
hectica = probably hectical/hectic complaint /ie recurrent fever
hedrocelé = from Greek: hedra/anus, + kele/tumor, swelling; seems to mean Hernia or prolapse of the anus; so, anus cancer?
hematemesis = vomiting blood
hematuria = bloody urine
hidrocephalus = brain dropsy
hidrocephalus = enlarged head, water on the brain; dropsy of the brain. See dropsy
hidropericardium = heart dropsy
hidrophobia = rabies; fear of water
hidropsia = dropsy. Edema, the presence of abnormally large amounts of fluid in intercellular tissue spaces or body cavities. Cardiac dropsy is a symptom of disease of the heart and arises from obstruction to the current of blood through the heart, lungs, or liver
hidrothorax = chest dropsy
hidrothroax = dropsy in the chest
hepatis = hepatitis
hipertrophic = enlargement of organ, like the heart
histeria = wild uncontrollable emotion, excitement, functional disturbance of the nervous system
hydrophobia = canine madness, rabies
hydrops, hydropsis = dropsy (edema; accumulation of fluids usually due to heart or kidney failure)