I, J

iam = already
ianuarii = of January
ibi = there
ibidem (ib, ibid) = in the same place
ictus = stroke
idem = likewise, same, the same
igne combusta = burned
ignotus = unknown
iit = he/she went
illegitima(us) (abbreviation: illeg. or illegitim.) = illegitimate child
illegitimus = illegitimate
illius = of that, of the former
immaturitas = premature birth
impedimentum = hindrance, impediment (often to a marriage)
imperium = empire /i.e. Imperio = or ex Imperium /i.e. Imperium romanum, Imperium romanun sacrum is the Latin form for "from the empire" [in german: "aus dem Reich"]. By "Imperio" was always understood the territory of the Holy Roman Empire [of German Nation; founded in 962]. Even if the "core" of the Imperio were the German states, this was much bigger than today Germany [including during the time some regions in today Holland, Belgia, Luxembourg, Czech, etc.]. Following the Thirty Years War [1618-1648], the Holy Roman Empire was almost an abstract concept. The emperor [with a single exception, always belonging to the House of Habsburg] was almost powerless. Still this concept will resist another 150 years [up to 6.08.1806]. So, "ex Imperio" does not provide any specific information on place of birth / origin and you can use the term "unknown" for the place of origin as well !
imponit = he imposes, places upon
impositus = imposed, placed upon, given
imposui = I placed upon
impraegnata = pregnant [before marriage]
impraegnavit = he impregnated
in facie ecclesiae = in front of the church
in matre =
in sinum maternum conditus = given into the maternal breast (buried)
inanimis, inanimalis = without life
incarnationis = of the incarnation (of the Lord)
incertus, incerta = unknown, uncertain
incola [incorrect form for "incolo"] = resident, inhabitant of a place, to live; permanent resident of a village
index (indicis) = index
inerunt = they entered into (marriage)
infans (infantis) = infant, child
infans = child, infant
inferior = lower
infirmus = weak
infra = below, under
infra annum 16 = under 16
infrascriptus = written below, undersigned
inhonesta, inhonestus = illegitimate [girl, boy]
iniit = he/she entered, began
initiatus est = he was baptized
injuria = injury, worry
innupta filia = spinster, unmarried daughter
inter = between
interitus = enteritis
intra = within, during
intronizati = marriage
intronizati sunt = they were married, have been married
intronizaverunt = they married, have married
inupta = unmarried
invenit = he/she found, discovered
iovis, dies = Thursday
ipse = himself, herself, itself
ita = so, thus
item = also, likewise
iudaicus = Jewish
iudex = mayor
iudex loci = village mayor
iudicium = court, judgment
iugales = yoked
iulii = of July
iuncti sunt = they were joined (in marriage)
iunii = of June
iunior = younger, junior
iuratus = sworn
iuravit = he/she swore, took an oath
iure = legally, lawfully
iuro = I swear, testify
ius (juris) = law
iuvenis (abbreviation: juv.) = [single] young man, young woman, young person
iuxta = near to, beside
ivit = he/she went


icterus = jaundice. Yellow discoloration of the skin, whites of the eyes, and mucous membranes, due to an increase of bile pigments in the blood; often symptomatic of certain diseases, such as hepatitis, obstruction of the bile duct, or cancer of the liver; condition caused by blockage of intestines (common at newborns)
impetigo = contagious skin disease characterized by pustules
infirmus = cripple, invalid
inflam. renum. [abbreviation] = inflammation at kidney
inflamatio pulmorum = inflammation of the lungs
inflamatis gutturis = inflamatis/inflammation gutturis/guttur, throat; inflammation of the throat
inflammatio intestinorum = inflammation of bowels
inflammatio viscerum = inflammation of the abdominal organs
inflammatis cerebri = brain inflammation
-itis = termination. The word ending with this termination denotes inflammation on the part indicated by the word stem to which it is attached, as in: appendicitis, pleuritis, etc. In the last century, cause of death often was listed as inflammation of a body organ, such as brain or lung, but this was purely a descriptive term and is not helpful in identifying the actual underlying disease