laborius = worker, laborer
laminarius = tinker
lanarius = wool worker
lanatus = clothed in wool
Landavium = Landau (Pfalz)
laniarius = butcher
laniator = butcher
lanio, laniator, lanionij, lanionius = butcher; executioner
lanifex (lanificis) = weaver
laterarius = brick maker
lautus = christening
lautus est = he was baptized, has been baptized
lavacrum = font
lavatus est = he was baptized, washed
lavo = I baptize, wash
legio = legion
legitimatus = legitimate
legitimatus per subsequius matrimonies = legitimized through subsequent/after marriage
legitimus (abbreviations: leg./ legitim.) = legitimate
levabat = he was holding, raising, lifting up
levans, levantes = godparent, godparents
levantibus = by the godparents
levare ex fonte = to raise from the baptismal font, to act as a godparent
levir = husband's brother, brother-in-law
liber = book, register, free
liberi = children
libra = pound (weight)
lig.(atus) = married (bonded)
ligati = marriage
ligati sunt = they were married, have been married
ligatus = married, joined, married person
ligavi = I joined (in marriage)
lignarius = joiner, cabinetmaker
lignicidus = woodcutter
linifex (linificis) = linen weaver
lintearius = linen weaver
locus = place
locus domicilii = residing village
locus et dies supulturae = place and date of burial
locus originis = original village
locus originis et domicilii, nrus. domus eorundem = place of origin ("birth") and residence, their house number
locus originis et habitationis numerus domus = place of origin and residence, house number
locus, annus, mensis, dies nativatus = location, year, month, day of birth
lorarius = maker of belts
Lotharingia = Lorraine
ludimagister = schoolmaster, teacher
ludimagister, ludi rector = teacher (male), schoolmaster
ludimagistra = widow after (or the wife of) the village schoolmaster/teacher; teacher (female), schoolmistress
ludus = school
lunae, dies = Monday
lupis = lupus
lustratio = christening
lustrationis = of the baptism
luxor = in Latin language means "living in dissipation / licentiousness"
[also with the meaning of living as concubine?]


laryngea = croup
lues venera = venereal disease; sexually transmitted disease (std)