N or NN or Nomen Nescio = name unknown [usually the family name]
nata (est) = (he or she) was born
nata (f.); natus (m.) = born (usage: Mary Smith "nata Jones" to refer to maiden name)
nati, natus, natales = birth
nativitas = birth
nativitatis = birth
nato (est) = (he or she) were born
natum ex L.P. = born of Legitimate Parents
naturalis = natural, illegitimate
natus est = he was born
natus, nata in = born in
nauta = sailor
nec = neither, nor
necessitate baptismo = (being) an emergency baptism
necessitatis = of necessity
necnon = and also
negotiator = merchant (commerce)
nemo (neminis) = no one
Neo Aradiensis = Neu - Arad, Aradul Nou
neopresbytor = newly ordained priest
neosponsa = newlywed (female)
neosponsus = newlywed (male)
nepos (nepotis) = nephew, grandson
neptis = niece, granddaughter
neque = and not
nescit = he doesn't know
niger = black
Nigro Sylva(nus) = (from the) Black Forest
nihil = nothing
nisi = if not
nobilis (abbreviation: nob.) = noble, nobility (as opposed to "plebius" or "plebea"=common class)
nob.(ilis) colonus = nobiliary serf / villain [colonus = colonist; farmer; serf / villain [owner (of house, land) with property/land]; peasant; inhabitant]
nobilitatis = of nobility
nocte = at night
nomen = name
nomen = name, given name
nomen baptisantis = baptism name ("given name")
nomen et conditio sponsi et sponsae = name and status (occupation) of groom and bride
nomen et officium copulantis = name and title of person performing marriage ceremony
nomen parentum, eorum conditio et religio = name of parents, their status and religion
nomen patrinorum, eorum conditio et religio = name of godparents, their status and religion
nomen patrionum = name of the Godparents
nomen sepelientis = name of the person who buried the deceased, the performing the burial
nomen testium eorum conditio = name of witnesses and their status (occupation)
nomen, et conditio defuncti item ejus conjugis et parentis = name and status of deceased, spouse and parents (usage: surviving family members)
nominatus est = he was named
non = not, no
non provisa (f.), non provisos (m.) = not provided
non scitum = not known
nonagenarius = a person in his nineties
nonagesimus = ninetieth
nonaginta = ninety
nongentesimus = nine hundredth
nongenti = nine hundred
nonus = ninth
nonus decimus = nineteenth
nos = we, us
noster = our
nota bene = note well, notice
notarius = notary
nothus = illegitimate child
novem = nine
novembris = of November
noverca = stepmother
nox = night
nrus. = abbreviation for "numerus" /ie number
nudius = earlier
nudius tertius = three days earlier
nulloque detecto impedimento matrimonio = and no hindrance to the marriage having been uncovered
nullus = no, none
num promulgati vel dispensati, in bannis vel aliquo impedimento? = number of announcements or dispensation, or other impediments in the (marriage) banns?
numero domus = house number
numerus = number
numerus currens = current number (item number)
nunc = now, at this time
nunquam = never
nuntius = messenger
nuper = lately (sometimes denotes a deceased person)
nupserunt = they married
nupta = married woman, bride
nupti = marriage
nuptias = wedding
nuptus = married
nurus = daughter-in-law
nutritor = foster father
nutrius = foster child
nutrix (nutricis) = foster mother


natus mortuus = stillborn
necrosis = mortification of bones or tissue
nephrosis = kidney degeneration
nepritis = inflammation of kidneys
neuralgia = sharp and paroxysmal pain along the course of a sensory nerve. There are many causes: anemia, diabetes, gout, malaria, syphilis. Many varieties of neuralgia are distinguished according to the part affected, such as face, arm, leg
nostalgia = homesickness