ob = on account of, for, according to
ob imminens mortis periculum = on account of imminent danger of death (justification for an emergency baptism)
obdormitus est = he fell asleep, died
obierunt = they died, have died
obiit (obyt) = died, he/she died, went away, departed
obiit = death
obiit sine prole = died without issue
obitus = death, died
observationes = observations, comments
obst.(etrix), obstetricis = midwife
occasion = end, death
octavus = eighth
octavus decimus = eighteenth
octingentesimus = eight hundredth
octingenti = eight hundred
octo = eight
octobris = of October
octogenarius = a person in his eighties
octogesimus = eightieth
octoginta = eighty
officialis (colones) = official, administrator (of a settlement)
officium = office, bureau
oeconomus =superintendent [of an estate/fortune], bailiff
olim = formerly, once (sometimes denotes a deceased person)
olitor = greengrocer; gardener in a kitchen garden; cabbage(r)
omnibus sacramentis provisis = (he/she) was provided with all the last rites
omnis = all, every
operarius = laborer, day worker, day worker
operator = worker, master
opices = artisan
opidum = fortress, fortified place, city/town
opifex = worker; handcraft; craftsman; master
opifices = artisans
opilio = sheepherder
oppidum = city, town
oratoris ie oratorium = place for praying; is not a consecrated church but could be a classroom
orbatus, orbata = orphaned child
orbus = orphan
origo = origin
origo (originis) = origin, birth
oriundus = birth
orphanus = orphan
ortus = origin, birth
ortus = birth
ortus, orta = born in (town), originally from
ovilius = shepherd


oedema pulmorum or pumonum (edema pulmorum) = pulmonary edema
osteosarcoma = malignant tumor, similar to carcinoma/cancer, but this is with the connective tissue/bone. ie: bone cancer