quadragesimus = fortieth
quadraginta = forty
quadrigentesimus = four hundredth
quadringenti = four hundred
quaestafungum[?] = probably he was living from the selling of little mushrooms [quaestatus/making money; profit, gain/ fungus/little mushroom]
quaestor = "financial and administrative assistant to a magistrate or provincial governor" (basically "investigator" or "questioner"), or an "investigator of capital crimes"; is a kind of Judge ("vizsgalo biro" in Hungarian, but I don't know the English words for that profession).
quaestor = treasurer, paymaster
quaestores = tradesmen
quaestores pagatim ambulantes = peddlers
quaestuarius = worker, day laborer, unskilled worker, hack
quales = type or kind
quam = how, as much as
quando = when
quartus = fourth
quartus decimus = fourteenth
quasi = almost, as if
quattuor = four
quattuordecim = fourteen
-que = and (as a suffix)
qui (quae, quod) = who, which, what
qui moruum invenerunt = found dead
qui supra = as before
quidam (quaedam, quodam) = a certain person or thing
quindecim = fifteen
quingentesimus = five hundredth
quingenti = five hundred
quinquagesimus = fiftieth
quinquaginta = fifty
quinque = five
quintus = fifth
quintus decimus = fifteenth
quod = because
quondam = formerly, former (refers to a deceased person)