R = [abbreviation for Richter] is found in the 1828 Hungarian Land Census -written in Latin language- after some names. Many dictionaries translate Richter [a german word] as "judge". In fact, this institution in Banat was much more then a simple judge, as we understand it today. The Richter's were elected in a democratic process by each village for a 3-year period [in which they were excepted from paying taxes] and their attributions, which were stipulated for the first time in 1719 by Count Mercy's Unuorgreiffliches Einrichtungss-Projectu, were different during the time. The Richter [or Schulze] was the community leader in the german villages in Banat [the romanian and serb villages had the chinez/knez institution], involved in the local administration of the village [like mayor], tax collector of the annual taxes, providing the necessarily work force from each village for different regional projects [building the Timisoara castle, Bega channel, etc.], etc.
recognito = examination, inquest by jury
rectus = right, direct
Reg. = abbreviation for regiment
regeneratus est = he was baptized
regimine pedestre = infantry regiment
regina = queen
registrum = index, list
regius = royal
regnum = kingdom
relicta = widow
relicta in vivis vidua = (literally) widow remained in life, widow surviving
relictio = abandonment
relictus = widower, surviving, which abandon
religio (religionis) = religion
relinquit = he/she left behind, abandoned
renanus = of the Rhine
renata/renatus [for male] = (?) baptized
renatus = christening
renatus est = he was baptized
repente mortua = died suddenly
repertorium = index, list
requiescat in pace = (may he/she) rest in peace
restio = rope maker
rex (rotar) = king
rite provisius = observed the rite
ritus = rite, ceremony
rotarius, rotarii/rotaries = wheel maker; wheelwright
rotaries faber = wagon driver
rotulus = roll
rta. = [before a name] is an abbreviation for the Latin term "relicta"
rufus = red
ruricola = farmer, peasant
rusticus = peasant, farmer


rheumatismus = rheumatism
rubeola = german measles