Sabbatum, sabbatinus, dies = Saturday
sacellanus = chaplain
sacer = sacred
sacerdos (sacerdotis) = priest
sacramentis totiis munitiis = (being) fortified by all the last rites
sacramentum = sacrament, ordinance, rite
sacramentus moribundorum = death sacrament
sacro fonte baptismi = in the sacred font of baptism
saeculum = a generation, century, age, eternity, world
saepe = often
salarium = salary
sanctus = holy, sacred, a saint
sanus = healthy
sartor, sartorius, sartorissa = tailor, man repairing clothes
satis = enough
saturni, dies = Saturday
scabinus = judge, lay assessor
schola = school
scorbutus = scurvy
scorifex (scorificis) = tanner
scorta = unmarried mother, whore
scriba = clerk, scribe, court clerk, secretary
scribo = I write
scrinarius = carpenter, cabinet maker
scripsit = he/she wrote
scriptum = written
scrofulosis = specific debility at children
secundus = second
sed = but
sedecim = sixteen
sellarius = saddler
semel = once, a single time
semi = half
semper = always
senectus = old age
senex (senicis) = old man
senior = older, elder
senium = old age
sepelivi = I buried
septagenarius = a person in his seventies
septem = seven
septembris = of September
septemdecim = seventeen
septigenti = seven hundred
septimana = week
septimus = seventh
septimus decimus = seventeenth
septingentesimus = seven hundredth
septuagesimus = seventieth
septuaginta = seventy
sepulti, sepultus = burial
sepultorum, liber = burial register
sepultus (-a) est = he/she was buried
sequens (sequentis) = following
serdo (serdonis) = tanner
servilis, servilius = domestic, servant, slave
servter = guard
servus = servant
sescentesimus = six hundredth
sescenti = six hundred
seu = or
sex = six
sexagesimus = sixtieth
sexaginta = sixty
sextus = sixth
sextus decimus = sixteenth
sexus = gender (male \ female ), sex
sexus fem. = female
sexus masc. = male
si = if
sic = thus, so, yes
sigillum = seal
signum = sign, mark
signum fecit = he/she made a mark, signed
silva = woods, forest
sine = without
sinister = left
sinus = bosom, breast
sive = or
smigator = soap maker
socer (socris) = father-in-law
socius = apprentice, comrade, associate
socrinus = brother-in-law
socrus = mother-in-law
sodalis = member of an association, corporation
sol (solis) = the sun
solemnicationis = marriage
solis, dies = Sunday
solutus = unmarried, single
sororenius / soror = "good", blood sister
sororius = brother-in-law (sister's husband)
spanus / spanus dominalis = the overseer of manorial farm of the village
speculatius = old title of a bishop; it's also a Christmas (St. Nicholas Day) cookie. Their place of origin is the Netherlands, Belgium and the German Rheinland. The name itself refers to the saint and the "images" on the cookies show scenes from his legend.
spirituales, parentes = godparents
sponsa = bride, wife, spouse, betrothed
sponsalia = marriage banns
sponsalis = betrothed
sponsati, sponsatus = marriage
sponsor = godparent
sponsus = husband, groom, spouse, betrothed
sponsa = groom, bride
spurius = illegitimate
statim = immediately
status = condition, (marital) status; [usage: coeleb.(s) = single \ viduus = widowed]
stemma = pedigree
stinarius = plowman
stirps = origin, source
stuprata = pregnant (out of wedlock)
stuprator = father of an illegitimate child
sub = under, beneath, below
subscripsit = he/she undersigned
subscriptus = undersigned
subsequentis = following, subsequent
subsignatum = marked or signed below
subsignavit = he/she marked (signed) below
sum = I am
sunt = they are
superior = upper
superstes = surviving, still living
supra = before, above, beyond
supradictum = above written
surdus = deaf
susceptor = godparent (male)
susceptores = godparents
susceptorix = godparent (female)
sutor = shoemaker, cobbler
suus = his/her/its own, their own
Svitia = Switzerland
synergus = apprentice


scarlatina = scarlet fever. A contagious febrile disease, caused by infection with the bacteria group characterized by red rash. A beta-hemolytic streptococci (which elaborate a toxin with an affinity for red blood cells) and characterized by a scarlet eruption, tonsillitis, and pharyngitis
sciatica = rheumatism in the hips
scirrhus = cancerous tumors
scrofulosis = primary tuberculosis of the lymphatic glands, especially those in the neck. A disease of children and young adults, it represents a direct extension of tuberculosis into the skin from underlying lymph nodes. It evolves into cold abscesses, multiple skin ulcers, and draining sinus tracts. Synonym: king's evil.
scrumpox = skin disease, impetigo.
senilis = weak with age; Latin suffix meaning "of the elderly"
septicemia = blood poisoning; a condition of local or generalized invasion of the body by disease
siriasis = inflammation of the brain due to sun exposure
spasmus = cramps; sudden involuntary contraction of muscle or group of muscles, like a convulsion
stomatitis = inflammation of the mouth
struma = scrofulous tumor