taberna = inn, tavern
tamen = however
tandem = at first, finally
tegularius = brick maker
tegularius = brick maker
teleonarius = tax collector
tempus (temporis) = time
terra = land, earth
tertius = third
tertius decimus = thirteenth
testes = witnesses [at a marriage]
testibus = by witnesses
testimentum = will, testament
testis = witness
textor = weaver
tibialni, tibiale = puttee, a sort of dressing to protect the legs/gamba from cold
thorus = status of legitimacy, bed
tignarius = carpenter
tinctor = painter
tinctor = dyer
tomus = volume
tonsor = barber
tornator = turner [lathe]
torncetoris (torn+cetoris) = lathe + the man having this profession
totus = entire, all
trans = across
transitus est = he died
trecentesimus = three hundredth
trecenti = three hundred
tredecim = thirteen
tres (tria) = three
Treviris = Trier
tribus = clan, lineage
tricesimus = thirtieth
tricesimus = primus thirty-first
triduum = space of three days, three-day period
trigemini = triplets
triginta = thirty
triginta unus = thirty-one
trucidatio = murder
tum = then
tumulatus = buried
tunc = then, at that time, immediately
tussis = whooping cough
tutela = guardianship
tutor = guardian
tuus = your


tabet, in fact, tabes = consumption, t.b.
tabes mesenterica = tuberculosis of the mesenteric glands in children, resulting in digestive derangement and wasting of the body
tetanus = tetanus, lockjaw; an infectious disease often fatal caused by the bacterium "clostridium tetani" that enters the body through wounds characterized by respiratory paralysis, high fever, and tonic spasms and rigidity of the voluntary muscles, especially those of the neck and lower jaw which becomes firmly locked. Untreated it is fatal in 8 days. Synonyms: trismus
thirotoxicosis = a disease affecting the thyroid gland
thrombosis = blood clot inside blood vessel.
thryotoxicosis = grave's disease
tiphus = typhoid fever, typhus; an acute, infectious disease caused by several micro organism species transmitted by lice and fleas and characterized by acute prostration, high fever, depression, delirium, headache, and a peculiar eruption of reddish spots on the body. The epidemic or classic form is louse borne; the endemic or murine is flea borne
trismus nascentium/neonatorum = a form of tetanus seen only in infants, almost invariably in the first five days of life, probably due to infection of the umbilical stump
tussis convulsiva = whooping cough