ubi = where
ultimus = last, final
unctio extrema = extreme unction, the last rites for a dying man
unde = wherefore, whereupon, whence
undecim = eleven
undecimus = eleventh
undevicesimus = nineteenth
undeviginti = nineteen
ungaricus = Hungarian
unigenus = only (born) son, unique, only begotten
unus = one, only, together
urbs (urbis) = city
ustor = the person which will light the fire/the stake/the pyre
ut = how, as, that, therewith, in order that, infra/supra as below
uterinus = can be translated as "of the same mother", for it comes from "uterus"/ie womb; on mother's side of family, of the same mother
uterque hujas = both from here/ie in this(certain) village
uxor = wife
uxor ejus = his wife
uxoratis = married


ulcus = ulcer
ulcus ventriculis = ulcerated stomach, stomach ulcer