The RPF is needed to provide the minimum initial information on your case necessary to begin our work in a systematic and organized form:

                 - Your Name & Full Postal Mailing Address
                 - Your Phone Number [with area code]
                 - Your personal E-Mail Address
                 - Name of Ancestor/Ancestors** to be Researched
                 - Location of Birth*
                 - Date of Birth*
                 - Location of Marriage*
                 - Date of Marriage*
                 - Location of Death*
                 - Date of Death*
                 - Religion of your Ancestor*
                 - Year of emigration from “the old country”*
                 - Port, Date, Ship of arrival in USA for your immigrant*
                 - Port of Departure*
                 - Name of Spouse [with place & year of birth]*
                 - Name of Ancestor’s Children [with place & year of birth]*
                 - Name of Ancestor’s Parents [with place & year of birth]*
                 - Any other Information that May Help
                 - The tasks of your research project

* If Known
** For each ancestor a separate RPF

You can forward us the RPF in an E-mail or as an attachment to an E-mail as a Word document, PDF document or as GIF, JPEG-JFIF, etc.

Once we have confirmed the nature of the research project and determined the correct initial fees, our client must submit the minimum retainer request in advance and we will begin the work on his project.

When you are ready to begin a project, let us know by E-mail, correspondence or by phone.

If you have any questions, please CONTACT US.