Before starting a new research project several preliminary steps are needed:
    In the next days we will provide a summary on all the existing records for your village/villages.
    Please complete the RESEARCH PROFILE FORM for each of your ancestor and send them back to us [use the e-mail]. You must tell us also all the tasks of your research project and give us all the details you have.
    Based on this information, we will build -if the case is complex- a Family Tree Draft for your case to be sure that we understand all the existing relations between the members of your family.
    We will send this draft to you for comments and observations.
    We will present you a detailed research plan.
All these steps are completely free of charge services to you.
    Then you must choose a specific service [from our service/fee chapter] you think is appropriate for your research project.
    We will analyze and see if the tasks can be fulfilled inside the service you choose. If our answer is NO, then we will make a contra offer and we will negotiate.
    After we agree on a service/fee and when everything is very clear for us/you and the entire tasks are specified, a minimum retainer must be sanded to us and only then we will start the research project. You must not send all the money in advance or at once.
    We will tell you from the start how much time we will work for your research project.
    You will receive periodically [probably daily!] report on the findings.
    Before finishing, we must close the research project from financial point of view. That means you must pay us the rest of the money.
    After your research project is finished, our policy is to ask –very directly!- our clients if they think there is anything else to be done [according to our initial agreement] in their research project before closing it.
This procedure will keep all of us "out of trouble" and must be respected each time.

If you have any questions, please CONTACT US.